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Hello all!  I have been in a slump when thinking about transplant stuff.  It is just so overwhelming.  I feel like when I was writing “my book”/my life story (link at the top of the blog page for all chapters) I would write like crazy and then take time away from it for awhile then go back to it.  That’s how I feel about thinking/doing things for transplant because it is so overwhelming.  There are so many logistics that go into it that it makes my head spin.  Fundraising is just one part of the puzzle and it’s a big one.  Funds raised will help with housing in St. Louis after transplant, house bills in TN while away in St. Louis, food, parking, hotels, hospital bills, medicine copays and much more.  There are things that will pop up that we didn’t even think of I’m sure and we just want to be prepared as much as possible.  We will have to be dealing with me, my health and recovery and don’t want to worry about the financial part of things.  I just want to thank you for all of your support and love over the years. Continue reading

Shannonigan Gear Sale!

Hello all!  I have had many inquiries for Shannonigan gear, with a lot of them being about zipper hoodies.  Lo and behold the sale is open and has zipper hoodies!!!  The sale is open until November 26th!!  Don’t wait until the last day, get them while it is fresh on your mind.  Here is the link for the sale!  Share it with your friends and family as well.

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Shannonigans Gear Sale!!!

You’ve been asking for it and I’m such a good person that I give you what you ask for….SHANNONIGAN GEAR ORDERING TIME!!!! I’m super excited about the tweak in design this year considering my up coming transplant evaluation. The sale will last 30 days so budget it in NOW!! Here is the link for the online sale. Go here, Shannonigans Gear Online Sale to go shopping for your new Shannonigans gear.

This year I changed up the design just a bit.  I think it is fitting with the lung transplant evaluation in a month.  You have 2 choices of color on 3 of the items, 1 being dark Heather grey and the other being sports grey (lighter grey).  There are also the wicking/dri-fit type of material that lots of people really like.  Those are available in the dark Heather grey.  I added 1 shirt for fun, it’s a wicking type material with digital camo on the sleeves.  I hope you like them. I know I am loving them.

The sale will last for 30 days online.  When those 30 days are up, your ordering time is up.  Please budget it in now so you don’t miss the deadline.  The deadline is June 5th.  Please help us spread the awareness of Cystic Fibrosis.  May is CF Awareness and all! 🙂Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.57.43 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.57.17 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.56.57 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.56.20 PM


Shannonigans Gear!

It’s order time folks!

Please share this on your facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media so more people can see it and get Shannonigans gear! Shirts will not be printed and sent until the deadline date of May 17th, so be patient. I set the date out a little bit (Sunday May 17th…38 days to order) to give everyone a few paydays in there. Now buy and share it with your friends and family!

This is what the shirts will look like.  PLEASE share this with your friends and family as well.  The more shirts that are sold means a bigger donation to the CF Foundation!  I really need this to be a good fundraiser as well as getting Shannonigans and CF awareness out there.  Thank you for your support!

shannonigans shannonigans shirt

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Team Shannonigans East TN Chapter Begins

Sunday we had my local CF walk.  Well I use the word “walk” loosely because it was a field day and it was FABULOUS!!!  This event is the smaller of the two in my area, there are only about 7 teams so it is very quaint and fun.  They did many field day activities for the kids like football toss, run the bases, dodge ball, sack race and more!  The kids all had a blast and were good and worn out.  The adults got to hang out under our canopies and watch the kids enjoy themselves.  We did do a lap around the trail at the park to say we did an actual walk…hahaha.  I hope our walks continue in this direction because this was so much more fun than just a walk and a mass of people walking which means craziness.  I also had people post pictures to Facebook of themselves in their Shannonigans gear on Sunday so that they could be a part of the day from a far.  I will leave you with a few pictures from our day. Continue reading

Team Shannonigans shirts and hoodies

I designed a new Shannonigans shirt.  I am in love with the design as well as the shirt color and hoodie style.  I put in my first order of them last week and mailed them out today.  I will be putting another order in in February to give people time to plan ahead and get past all the holidays.  If you are interested in ordering a shirt and/or hoodie for the next sale, please email me at

The color is heather gray.  The hoodie is very lightweight.

The hoodie is very lightweight and has the same design as the t-shirt, front and back.

shannonigans shirts

The color is heather gray. They are Hanes brand.

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