Anger or Silver Lining

There are many people that are very angry at CF for what it does to a person.  My personal opinion is don’t waste your energy on being mad at a disease you have no control over.  Let me stop right there and explain.  Yes, you have some control over your symptoms and how you take care of yourself BUT in the big picture you have no control of what the outcome is.  Death is the result of life for everyone.  People with an incurable disease will most likely meet that end result sooner than others.  That doesn’t mean that you need to waste precious time worrying or being mad at something you have no control over.  It’s like being mad because you have to wait in a line.  Where does being mad get you?  Does it make the line move faster?  Does it get you to the front of the line?  No. If anything it will take longer (or seem that way) because you are bent out of shape over something you have no control over.  There are many scenarios I could use to demonstrate the same principal but I think you get the idea of what I mean. Continue reading