Welp, made it 6 weeks…

Hello all!

I have not been feeling the greatest for the last week or so.  I gave my body until the weekend to snap back into shape.  Well, you guessed it my body didn’t get the memo.  I called my nurse to tell her that I’m not feeling good and that I thought it was time for some IVs.  I will be going to the clinic tomorrow for lung functions to get a baseline before starting IVs.  I will also be getting labs to see where they are before I start IVs.  I will start IV Cefapime and oral cipro tomorrow.  I will do labs twice a week as per the usual.  We are starting with 14 days for now since I already have an appointment scheduled for the 16th.  I will do lung functions again at that appointment with the hopes that they are improved after the 2 weeks of antibiotics.  I usually do 21 days of antibiotics but the doctor wants to make sure there is improvement after 14 days.   Continue reading

IVs, we meet again

Where to start…..I finished the oral Cipro and prednisone on Friday the 23rd.  Still wasn’t feeling great, although the prednisone helped a ton by opening up my reactive airways making me not so tight chested and wheezy.  Tuesday, the 27th, I started with noticeable lung pain in the upper right lung.  It hurt to cough, good luck not doing that one, and made the vest uncomfortable to use during treatment times but I powered through it because I have to get that junk out.  The lung pain continued yesterday and today.  I called my clinic to ask for a chest x-ray to make sure there wasn’t anything blatantly obvious on it as to a reason for the pain, like a major infiltrate (junk/blood stuck in there), infection, pneumonia, collapsed lung (partial, considering I was still able to breathe decently) or fractured ribs.  I figured it was just do to the raging pseudomonas infection I have going on at the moment.  Continue reading

CF Awareness Month: Bugs (Bacteria)

One thing people with CF are good at is hoarding bugs in our lungs.  If you have seen the Mucinex monster commercials, our bugs are kind of like that but on steroids!  They like to hang out in there and not budge.  The problem is, that once the bugs are in there, it is hard to get them out.  The bugs thrive in a wet environment which is defiantly our lungs.  All of the thick sticky mucus in there holds onto the bugs and doesn’t let them go.  Therefore we have to take antibiotics to help kill the bugs, whether it is pills, IV or inhaled.  It can be a combo of those 3 methods also.  Reoccurring infections lead to scaring in the lungs which leads to lung damage.  Once again CF is progressive so it will get worse over time. I like to describe my lung infections like this, “it’s like mono (the kissing disease), once you have it, it’s always there, it’s just whether it is active or not.”  So yes my lungs will most likely always have these bugs in them but it is whether or not it is making me show signs and symptoms of an active exacerbation (infection).  I have not had a clear sputum culture in too many years to count.  It was when I was a kid.  Don’t worry you “normal people” don’t get bugs like us.  We are special. Continue reading