Blood, blood and more blood

3am = coughing up blood time I guess. I coughed up about 15-20 cc. My CF Doctor came to see me around 8am and decided he wanted to do a bronch to see where the blood was coming from. I went down for the bronch at 9:15am and I was back in my room by 11:30am. He said he didn’t see any active bleed areas. His next thought was that it was drainage from my sinuses/nose. He looked and said he saw some blood there.  Continue reading

My special power…coughing up blood

Today I was sitting at a French Market enjoying a crepe at a table for one when I felt the ever so familiar gurgle in my lungs.  I started coughing and didn’t want to spit it out so I powered through my crepe and rushed out the door to my car.  When I got the car I took out a “spit cup” (aka the little 3 oz Dixie bathroom cups) that I keep in my console just in case.  I was still coughing and finally had a place to spit and sure enough it was blood.  Now when I say I coughed up blood some people would think that means I coughed up a little of red stuff with what I normally cough up.  Others think I am spewing blood out of my mouth.  It’s more somewhere in between but I assure you it is pure red blood.  I feel a gurgle in my lungs and then I involuntarily cough and up it comes.  There is no stopping it.

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