Trip to KC

This is probably going to be ALL over the place so bear with me and enjoy the ride…haha  Let me pick up after my last clinic appointment…

We headed to Kansas City the last weekend of July/first weekend of August for my husbands 20 year high school reunion.  It stated off as a super short trip.  Flying in on Friday afternoon and flying home Sunday morning.  I decided to change my return flight so I could stay in KC to help my mom after her most recent hospital stay and to squeeze in helping my dad get situated in their new house.  I also set up as many lunch/dinner dates and “swing by” visits that I could with friends.  Since we aren’t back in KC that often we try to squeeze everything in that we can.  I never want to sound like I’m royalty or sound snooty by saying that “there is one of me/us and lots of you,” meaning we wish we could see everyone but that’s a lot of people!  Therefore I/we try to set up a central place for lunch, dinner or drinks and say this is where I/we will be if you are wanting to see us/me.  I have a hard time saying it that way because I don’t want anyone to take it as though I think I think I am better than someone and that everyone else’s time doesn’t matter because it does.   Continue reading

Losing or winning the battle

When someone with a disease passes away many people use the phrase “<name> lost their battle with <disease>.”  That statement can be taken as if the persons disease won and took them.  I know when people use that statement they don’t mean that the person was weak and let the disease win.  They mean that they died and the cause was that persons disease.  Some people take it as an insult.  I personally don’t because I understand people’s intention behind it.  Also everyone grieves differently.  As a person with a disease I know that I fight everyday to keep living.  I don’t necessarily feel that it is a “battle” but the life I was given even though it is much harder than some.  Some days are much harder than others and some days are much better than others.  Life with CF is all I know.  I was diagnosed at 5 months old so I don’t know any different. Continue reading

Perfect timing

Where to start…..  I woke up today feeling complete doo doo.  My head was throbbing, sinuses draining, sore throat, coughing and sore all over.  I believe I caught the cold that the guys in my house have.  Perfect timing, considering I finished 21 days of IVs today.  I was really looking forward to feeling decent for a while.  I did feel pretty decent up until a few days ago when my cough started to increase.  I was thinking it was all of this crazy cold weather we have been having in TN.  Continue reading

“Real Friends”

I see ecard posts on Facebook about finding out who your real friends are by who sticks with you. I have a problem with that statement. If you are doing stupid things or illegal things or immoral things is it your friends due diligence to stick by you? No. I say no because if they are your real friends they will tell you when you are doing something that is stupid/illegal/immoral and not just go with it. I should say if it is something you don’t agree with then I wouldn’t advise that you stick around and be grouped into that behavior. There is truth in the “you are the company you keep” saying.
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Chapter 6 – Divorce & Dating

“Playing the Cards Life has Dealt”

Just when you think everything is good or things could not get worse something happens in your marriage.  Unfaithfulness, money problems, addiction, growing apart or getting scared.  When your spouse is unfaithful it hurts to the core.  You feel like you did something wrong all these years for them to do that to you.  Well that is what happened in my marriage, my husband of seven years was unfaithful.

I had to realize that I did nothing wrong and it was not my fault.  The first thing that I thought is that I will never be able to find someone who is going to want me or like me because of my “baggage (CF).”  The divorce was the hardest thing I have had to go through.  God did give me strength to deal with it but I still could not help but to think my life was over as I knew it.  I did not even want to think about dating because that is all I needed was another man who was going to treat me bad.

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