Normal creatinine

I had labs drawn yesterday to check my creatinine levels again.  After 2 sticks and barely enough blood I went home to wait for results.  My creatinine was 1.03 yesterday!!!  Remember, normal range is .5 – 1.1 so I am barely in there but I’m in there.  The 1.03 is a long way from the 5.99 I was in the ER a week ago.  My numbers are now in the normal range but I am feeling far from “normal” again.   Continue reading

CF Awareness Month: The history of CF & statistics

I thought I would share a little history about Cystic Fibrosis so you can see where it all began. Well, I mean that metaphorically.
In 1936: A Swiss pediatrician first named the disease. He referred to it as cystic fibrosis with Bronchiectasis. A scientist from Columbia University first developed a complete profile and description of cystic fibrosis symptoms.

In 1938: Dr. Dorothy Andersen described the characteristic cystic fibrosis of the pancreas, correlating it with the lung and intestinal disease prominent in CF, but this was not yet much help with treatment.
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