So what was in there

We received preliminary lab reports on the stuff they sucked out during the bronch on Wednesday. Looks like there wasn’t a fungus hanging out in there and just my normal resistant pseudomonas strand and lots of it. I know I said it can take 2-3 weeks for fungus to show up. I should have specified that I meant it takes that long to identify what the fungus is. I’m guessing that things start growing pretty fast in the lab environment and they check it under the microscope often. Bacterial and fungus look different in the pattern they grow so I’m sure they can tell that everything is bacteria at this point.  I don’t believe fungus will show up later but I guess you never know and this is me we are talking about. My body NEVER plays by the rules.  We have to wait for antibiotic sensitivities to come in over the weekend which will hopefully be over the weekend. Continue reading

Let’s see what’s going on in there

One of the pulmonary doctors (Dr. G) came to see me this morning and of course I was still asleep so I had to wake up to talk to him. The result of waking up and sitting up in bed was a massive coughing fit. I guess the good side of all of that is that the doctor got to see my coughing fit in action. He asked if this was how every morning went. In between coughing I said, “yep.”  Continue reading

Happy birthday Gert

Every February 1st at 3:05pm CST my phone rings….but not this year. This is one of the first firsts without mom here, already. Mom would call at the exact time I was born to tell me happy birthday, it was her thing she did.  I never thought it was weird that she didn’t call earlier in the day because I knew the call was coming.  Some years she couldn’t wait that long and would say, “sorry, I tried to wait until 3:05pm but I can’t wait anymore. Happy birthday Gert! I love you!” Gertrude has been my nickname with my mama since I was a baby. She called me “gaggy Gert” because I would projectile vomit before we got the CF diagnosis and I got on enzymes for my digestive issues. “Gaggy Gert” morphed into “Gert,” “Gertrude,” “Gertrude La Rue” and almost anything that sounded good with Gert attached to it. It was cute and all until mom would yell, “Gertrude, where are you? get over here!” across a store when I was a preteen. Continue reading

Lock up: day 3

This post might be a little scatterbrained, just bear with me. I have been sleeping a lot which is the usual when I am not feeling good. I slept a little better last night and by “a little” I mean very very marginal. It’s a good thing that I can go back to sleep when woken up in the middle of the night and early morning. I slept most of the day yesterday and most of the morning today. I forced myself to muster up enough energy to take a shower. Then I quickly realized that was a dumb idea. Hahaha. I had to catch my breath shortly after getting in the shower and then catch my breath once I got out. Then again while getting dressed and drying my hair, etc.  You don’t realize how much energy and oxygen it takes to do the simplest things until you feel like they have been stripped from you. Continue reading

Locked up and in for the long haul

I am in my cell/suite/hospital room, whatever you want to call it. Haha. I finally have a break in the revolving door with people in and out.  When you are first admitted and get to your room there are a lot of people in and out getting all of your orders in the computer, taking medical history, making sure your meds are all correct, doing vitals, squeezing in a breathing treatment and more random questions along the way. Continue reading

Miss my mama

My life changed forever at 8:55pm (CST) on Tuesday January 19th.  My mom breathed her last breath as my head was on her shoulder and her hand was in mine.  I never imagined that I would have to go through this at this young age.  Your parents are supposed to live into their 80’s and 90’s, not the young age of 59.   Continue reading

When will you be better?

People ask or want to know when I will be better.  That is a great question. I have not felt great for a good while now, 2-3 months maybe.  I was in the hospital for 9 days and you would think I would come out better.  Being released from the hospital doesn’t mean I’m fixed by any means it means hopefully we have things situated and are heading in the right direction to being better. Continue reading