October CF Clinic update

Today was a good day and a good clinic day at that.  First stop is always the scale, everyones favorite thing.  I have been keeping my weight up which is a good thing medically speaking but not so good in the clothes department.  I have gained 12 pounds since January, 4 of which have been since last month. There is a lot of yoga, sweatpants and other workout gear being worn around here.  Mind you, there is no “working out” going on here except shoving myself into my skinny jeans/non stretchy shorts and “fitted” tank tops. Of course there is the real exercise going on at Physical Therapy for my shoulder, which is getting much better by the way, but that is it.  hahaha Continue reading

Holy lung spasms batman!

There’s nothing like being woken up by your lung/back spasming at 5am.  Luckily I had a few pain meds left from my kidney fiasco a few weeks ago.  They took the edge off of the pain.  I wasn’t able to take a deep breath without my lungs freaking out and spasming.  I had to take short little breaths as to not expand my lung very much.  It just takes your breath away when there is pain when you breathe.  I emailed my nurse and they had me go for an x-ray to rule out a collapsed lung (small or big).  It takes great talent taking in a deep breath for an x-ray when it hurts.  Add that to my list of super powers…haha.  The x-ray was fine.  So that means that it is just good ol pleuritic pain.  Continue reading

Compliance is Key!

Compliance is a big part of living with CF.  I don’t know of any CFer that hasn’t had a time where they slacked off and didn’t do all that they were supposed to.  Most of the slacking comes during the teenage years to early twenties.  It is hard to see all your friends living a normal life.  They don’t have to take time to do breathing treatments or have to take medicine every time they eat or go in the hospital.  You want nothing more than to be a “normal” kid/person.  CF gets in the way of a “normal” life.  CF is my “normal.”  It is all I know but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t dreamt of what it would be like to not have to do breathing treatments or be attached to an IV or to not take medicine every time I eat and all the other things that come with the CF territory.
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