Progress with a headache on the side

Today started off with a doozy of a headache that is still hanging around.  Since I can’t take ibuprofen at the moment I have to settle for Tylenol which as usual didn’t help.  Next up…Tramadol!  Strike 2!  Waiting to see what they want to try now.  I don’t like taking narcotic pain meds at all and only do as a last resort but this headache has hung on for dear life!  Anything and everything makes it worse too.  A knock on the door is amplified.  The light hurts.  Chipper people are extra annoying…hahaha.  I have spent the day trying to sleep in my dark room with no TV.  I even have the brightness turned down on my phone and laptop.  This headache can get to steppin!  We are going on 12 hours with this one.  Ouch!   Continue reading