Day 11 in homesick land

Day 11 brings nothing but more homesickness. It’s become a nightly and intermittent daytime activity for me to cry at some point depending not the situation or even one single word that is said.  It is so hard to miss those you love when they are only 20-25 minutes down the road. I looked out my hospital window this evening watching the cars driving on the highway when I began to tear up, as seems to be par for the course lately. I immediately picked up my phone and FaceTimed the love of my life and my rock and began sobbing and attempting to tell him how much I missed him, our son, the furry boys, home in general.  I told him as I have multiple times how sad I was, that I didn’t know if I could do it anymore, as in how much longer I can stay here in lock up and not break down even more than I already have. Continue reading