Clinical Dx: Crapola

I emailed my nurse yesterday to let her know I was not feeling any better since my 2 weeks of IVs ends tomorrow.  I asked what my sensitivities were showing on my sputum culture.  I am now resistant to the Amikacin, meaning that in the lab the Amikacin isn’t killing the pseudomonas that is in my lungs. This means I need a med change. With my long list of drug allergies and the limited list of drugs that are showing sensitivity, it is hard to pick a med. Continue reading

Normal creatinine

I had labs drawn yesterday to check my creatinine levels again.  After 2 sticks and barely enough blood I went home to wait for results.  My creatinine was 1.03 yesterday!!!  Remember, normal range is .5 – 1.1 so I am barely in there but I’m in there.  The 1.03 is a long way from the 5.99 I was in the ER a week ago.  My numbers are now in the normal range but I am feeling far from “normal” again.   Continue reading