Hanging in there

I finished IVs on Friday morning.  It was a long 10 days of a 2 hour infusion every 8 hours.  That’s 60 hours being hooked up to “the pole” in the 10 days, which doesn’t include all the breathing treatments, pills and time hooked up to oxygen.  Yes, taking care of myself is a full time job.  It is tiring at times and annoying most of the time.  I do try and look at treatment time as a positive thing.  It is sustaining my life and I get to update you all on this here blog while doing my treatments along with trolling Facebook. Continue reading

Life update

I had a CF clinic check up yesterday and all is good.  My lung functions are up 3% to 36% from 33%.  They said I sounded good and looked good.  My BMI is great at 24, yes I have some extra weight to help fight off infection.  When I’m sick I can lose weight fast because your body takes the calories you take in to fight off infection.  Not that I feel comfortable with the extra weight but everyone says, “you look so good,” so I’ll take it I guess.  If the extra weight helps me stay “healthy” (whatever that is) I try to deal with it the best I can. Continue reading

Things I hate/miss

As I was walking the dogs around the block today with my oxygen on my back I got to thinking about all the things I miss being able to do.  With progression of CF, your independence slowly gets taken away.  It is a major mind battle and the depression takes a hit when you think about all the things that are “taken away” from you. Continue reading

1 week follow up on chest x-ray

Wednesday I had a chest x-ray to check the progress of the upper right lobe where I was having the slight pain, which is where the x-ray showed the atelectasis (air trapping).  My x-ray was unchanged.  The prednisone didn’t do much if anything for the atelectasis.  The next step is a chest CT.  I am scheduled for the CT Thursday the 17th.  After they get the results from the CT we will then figure out what the next step will be and if there needs to be.  The atelectasis could simply be more shadowing and not as prominent as it appears which the CT will give us a more definite answer. Continue reading

Military Spouse

I have a few “titles” in my life and I am proud to hold them. Along with being a bonus mom I am a military spouse/mil spouse. Being a bonus mom and a military spouse are the two things I am the most proud of. I am very proud of my husband and what he does for our country. I got into the military spouse game after my husband had already been in for almost 8 years. He had many deployments and a few different assignments before I was in the picture. A little background first… we grew up in the same town and went to the same school 3 years apart. He was in my brothers class and his brother was in my class. We knew of each other but never really hung out. Fast forward 10+ years, 2 “practice” marriages later and here we are. Since we got together we have had our fair share of deployments and TDY’s. We just got a new assignment in Tennessee this past summer. We were at our last base in Missouri for 6 years. Being at a base for 6 years is a long time in military time.
Continue reading