Moving on up

Moving (as in packing up your things and moving to another house) when you have CF is not the easiest thing to accomplish.  When you are in the military and get new orders the military relocates you.  They send a moving company to pack all your things and they load it all onto a truck and move it to where you are moving.  Then when you get to the new location then unload the truck and will even unpack the boxes if you would like.  With that said, when you move to a new place during your assignment it is on your own man power.  We rented an apartment when we relocated to Tennessee last July because we didn’t know the area or how the market was here.  After being in the apartment a short while we realized that we needed to move into a house, whether it was renting or buying.  We started the search at the beginning of February and put a contract on a house at the end of February.  We closed on the house on April 1st.  We had to pack ourselves and move it all from the 2nd floor apartment.  Well we could have paid for a moving company but I am cheap and stubborn. haha  We moved things throughout the week and moved all the big stuff on Saturday with the help of my husband’s co-workers.  That meant that “she-woman Shannon” had to show up and get things done.  My husband took off one day to get some things moved and one of my friends helped load things into the truck which was a great help.  I was flying solo the other 2 days. Continue reading