Military Spouse

I have a few “titles” in my life and I am proud to hold them. Along with being a bonus mom I am a military spouse/mil spouse. Being a bonus mom and a military spouse are the two things I am the most proud of. I am very proud of my husband and what he does for our country. I got into the military spouse game after my husband had already been in for almost 8 years. He had many deployments and a few different assignments before I was in the picture. A little background first… we grew up in the same town and went to the same school 3 years apart. He was in my brothers class and his brother was in my class. We knew of each other but never really hung out. Fast forward 10+ years, 2 “practice” marriages later and here we are. Since we got together we have had our fair share of deployments and TDY’s. We just got a new assignment in Tennessee this past summer. We were at our last base in Missouri for 6 years. Being at a base for 6 years is a long time in military time.
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New Here

Hello all!  I have finally done it.  I finally got a real, big girl blog.  Now be patient with me I am new to all this fancy stuff.  It will hopefully only take me a few days to get the hang of this.  I will continue to change things as I find what works best for me and you the readers.  I will try my best to make this site easy to use because lets face it, if it’s not easy people won’t stick around.  Can’t wait to see what you guys think.  Enjoy!