In my element/health update

Hello all!

I have been super busy and have been meaning to update you all.  It has been on my “to do” list for a week but it keeps getting bumped.  I have a few minutes to finally ‘get er done.’

The Rising Star educational night was really great!  Talking about CF and all of what it entails is my, or at least one of, my elements.  I love to educate people on CF.  I always encourage people to ask any questions they have about CF and what it’s like to have CF.  For those of you that were at the educational night, I hope that you all learned something and I didn’t bore you.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of fundraising and awareness that the East Tennessee Chapter of the CFF raises.  I am grateful to be a part of it.  My nurse said, “now that we know that you are willing to do these kind of things, get ready!”  Challenge accepted!!
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IVs Update & Rising Star

I am on day 17 of IV Cipro and IV Aztreonam.  I am feeling “better” but I use that term loosely.  I also don’t want to jinx myself by saying I am feeling “better.” haha  However, I am better than I was.  Day 1 through about 4 was brutal with the fevers and recovering from my whirlwind trip to KC…12 hours driving there, 37 hours there, 12 hours driving back.  I felt horrible the first few days back home but I am happy to report I am better than I was.  I still get worn out pretty easy and try my best to take it easy.  The first week of IVs I did a lot of sleeping which helps.  I am now to a point where I feel like I can make it through the day without a nap, depending on what I have going on.  It is hard to be off your A game when there is so much that needs to get done.  For me and the OCD side of me it is hard to sit back and do nothing when there are things I could be doing.  I know, I know…”rest Shannon!”  I do my best.  There are days that I have no choice but to do nothing because my body makes me.  The other days I test the limits as usual. haha Continue reading