Hating my lungs

As I sit here doing a breathing treatment, which includes the vest along with DuoNeb, Budesonide and Pulmozyme, I think how stupid all of this is.  I know it’s what I have to do but the vest makes it so hard to breathe when I already don’t feel like I can get enough air in.  Let me rewind a minute…I called my doc for a prednisone burst/taper for my severe tightness and wheezing.  I finished my taper of prednisone yesterday.  I’m not feeling better so I called back and asked for antibiotics.  I started oral Bactrim and Levaquin yesterday.  I have a CF clinic appointment on Thursday so we shall see how I am then. Continue reading

What independence?

…Valueless, helpless, dependent, incapable, powerless, weak, insignificant, empty, good-for-nothing, useless, unimportant, pointless, meaningless…

I’ll explain why I put all of those words there in a moment.  Better yet you will understand after reading this post, or at least I think you will.  (it is kind of a long one…hang in there till the end…haha) Continue reading