CF Awareness Month: Cure? and transplant

There is no cure for CF. There has been leaps and bounds in research for medicines to help treat CF. They have made headway in research for a cure but nothing solid. The saying, “the cure is right around the corner!” has been around for many many years. My parents heard it when I was diagnosed 34 years ago and “they” (CFF, docs, etc.) are still saying it today. With that said, we are closer to a cure than we were 34 years ago. I don’t think I will see a cure in my lifetime but who knows, someone may surprise me with that. If I can live my life as an example and do my part for research then that is all that matters for the generations behind me. They are doing research with stem cells in hopes of helping correct the defective CF gene, which is promising. Continue reading

CF Awareness Month: The history of CF & statistics

I thought I would share a little history about Cystic Fibrosis so you can see where it all began. Well, I mean that metaphorically.
In 1936: A Swiss pediatrician first named the disease. He referred to it as cystic fibrosis with Bronchiectasis. A scientist from Columbia University first developed a complete profile and description of cystic fibrosis symptoms.

In 1938: Dr. Dorothy Andersen described the characteristic cystic fibrosis of the pancreas, correlating it with the lung and intestinal disease prominent in CF, but this was not yet much help with treatment.
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WOW! Statistics are fun!

WOW! There are some very cool stats on this blog on the publisher side of things. It tells me how many visits, page views, where people are viewing from and how they got to my blog (via Facebook, Google search, etc.) to name a few. Let me just say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for reading my ramblings.

Now for some stats: As of 8:23pm EST today there has been 1,370 views.
People from the following places are in that 1,370 views:
United States, Puerto Rico, Poland, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Brazil, Germany, Slovenia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Ireland, Pakistan and Belgium. I’m sure I missed some but HOLY MOLY how cool is that! I am in awe of how people find cfhappens and where they are from. Once again thank you for stopping by. Now keep spreading the word so that more people can read the random things I post…hahaha.

I will post something CF relevant soon, this just amused me.

Until next time…