Be strong

Everyone wants to be strong for those around them.  This may be magnified when it comes to someone with a chronic illness.  You spend a lot of time telling everyone you are “fine” when they ask how you are because if you said how you really felt all the time people would feel sorry for you or think you were faking.  You automatically want to be strong for those around you.  You want them to be okay.  You don’t want everyone to worry about you.  Your thinking is that everyone has their own life to worry about and worrying won’t fix anything.

The other side of the coin is that you want to know that your situation affects them and that you are thought about in regards to your health.   There are times that you cry alone because you are scared.  You don’t want to show anyone that side because you don’t want them to be scared for you.  Sometimes you just want to throw a pity party because your life sucks having to deal with all the health crap.  After your pity party/freak out moment you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.  Being strong is not always easy to do but if you aren’t a fighter your illness will win  Fight until your last breath!

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