A little of this and a little of that

This post started out as a Facebook status but continued to grow into what ended up being this blog post to due to the length. We will just call this my random thoughts post that I post every once in awhile on Facebook. Weekends in lock up are brought to you by naps…naps, whenever possible! Nothing really happens on the weekends in the hospital unless it is an emergency type situation so now is the time to “catch up” on sleep. Continue reading

So what was in there

We received preliminary lab reports on the stuff they sucked out during the bronch on Wednesday. Looks like there wasn’t a fungus hanging out in there and just my normal resistant pseudomonas strand and lots of it. I know I said it can take 2-3 weeks for fungus to show up. I should have specified that I meant it takes that long to identify what the fungus is. I’m guessing that things start growing pretty fast in the lab environment and they check it under the microscope often. Bacterial and fungus look different in the pattern they grow so I’m sure they can tell that everything is bacteria at this point.  I don’t believe fungus will show up later but I guess you never know and this is me we are talking about. My body NEVER plays by the rules.  We have to wait for antibiotic sensitivities to come in over the weekend which will hopefully be over the weekend. Continue reading

Let’s see what’s going on in there

One of the pulmonary doctors (Dr. G) came to see me this morning and of course I was still asleep so I had to wake up to talk to him. The result of waking up and sitting up in bed was a massive coughing fit. I guess the good side of all of that is that the doctor got to see my coughing fit in action. He asked if this was how every morning went. In between coughing I said, “yep.”  Continue reading

Locked up and in for the long haul

I am in my cell/suite/hospital room, whatever you want to call it. Haha. I finally have a break in the revolving door with people in and out.  When you are first admitted and get to your room there are a lot of people in and out getting all of your orders in the computer, taking medical history, making sure your meds are all correct, doing vitals, squeezing in a breathing treatment and more random questions along the way. Continue reading

When will you be better?

People ask or want to know when I will be better.  That is a great question. I have not felt great for a good while now, 2-3 months maybe.  I was in the hospital for 9 days and you would think I would come out better.  Being released from the hospital doesn’t mean I’m fixed by any means it means hopefully we have things situated and are heading in the right direction to being better. Continue reading

Shannonigans Fundraiser 

I have been wanting to make a car window sticker for awhile now for team Shannonigans. The time is finally here thanks to 2 of my fabulous friends! They were able to make my vision come to life!

Without further ado…

The stickers are $10 each. They come in PURPLE or WHITE. 

The design comes from the back of the Shannonigans shirts with the ribbon modified to say CYSTIC FIBROSIS CURE CYSTIC FIBROSIS and a little Shannonigans hashtag love. I love them!! The butterfly and ribbon design is actually from the big tattoo on my back. My tattoo has “Never Give Up” over the top. So you all have a part of me. There is real meaning behind the design. 

The funds raised from the sales of the stickers will go to an account for future medical expenses. A lung transplant will be in my future at some point and we want to be ahead of the game when the time comes. 

My husband will have to take time off work to care for me at that point. Also depending on where I am listed for transplant we may have to relocate for a short or extended period to be close to the hospital I am listed at. It is uncharted territory for sure but we want to be as prepared as possible. 

You can pay for your stickers through PayPal using the “send friends money” option and my email, LTLHOOK@yahoo.com, as the recipient. If you would rather send a check, please email me for my mailing address. Local Tennessee folks can give cash. 

Thank you for all of your love and support. 

Until next time…