Happy Thanksgiving!


I am thankful that I am actually feeling decent on Thanksgiving!!  2 years ago I had the Nissen Fundoplication surgery 2 days before Thanksgiving and had a very hard recovery, so yes I am very thankful that I was able to eat good food and hang out with good friends.  Next up is feeling good on Christmas and New Years!!!

Until next time…

Thanksgiving time!

It seems that Thanksgiving has become a shopping holiday and not a time to be with family and to be thankful.  Unless you are thankful for sales at crazy hours which I am not.  I am not a black Friday shopper nor am I much of a shopper anyway.

What does Thanksgiving mean to me?  Thanksgiving means family time with lots of yummy food.  You don’t have to have some big organized function for it to be family time.  Simply having family over for a meal and/or hanging out is enough.

This year we are unable to be with family due to the move to Tennessee.  We were invited to one of our son’s friends houses for a Thanksgiving meal.  I love how people invite you into their home and their family traditions when you don’t have family close.  I know we have done the same for people.  I am always happy to have people join us at our table.  Our house/our family has an open door policy when it comes to people needing somewhere to go for the holidays.
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