1 year ago today

One year ago today the earth lost a wise woman.  Death is a part of life but it doesn’t mean it is easy to endure.  My grandma was an amazing lady.  I miss her every day.  I miss our late night talks.  I miss staying up late when staying at her house and watching all the trash TV together on DVR.  I know my husband misses those late night talks as well.  I know my bonus kids miss her cooking.

It doesn’t seem possible that a whole year has passed.  We all made it through this last year when we didn’t know how we would without her.  There were many times that something would happen that would make me think of her, more than usual that is.  Her email got hacked and sends out spam with subject lines like “Hi ya” or “How’s it going”.  We can’t get into her email to fix it.  Therefore grandma “sends emails from Heaven” every once in awhile just to make sure we don’t forget about her, like that would ever be possible.  When I get one it puts a smile on my face thinking that she would find it pretty dang funny that “she is sending emails even after she died.”  Anything to keep us guessing and smiling.

When I call my grandparents house my grandma’s voice is still on the answering machine.  I called the house a little time after she passed away and my grandpa wasn’t there so the answering machine came on.  My heart jumped out of my chest when I heard her voice.  I was not expecting that.  It’s not like I haven’t heard the outgoing message a hundred time before but to hear her voice when I wasn’t expecting it was weird.  I have called a few times when I knew my grandpa wasn’t home just so I could hear her voice as have others.  Grandpa says he gets lots of hang ups on the answering machine and he assumes that is because someone is calling to hear her voice.  Whenever I finally get ahold of him, he is one busy man, he’ll say, “so you got to talk to your grandma since I wasn’t home.”  Yep I sure did grandpa.  hahaha

Oh grandma, what I wouldn’t give to see you, hug you and talk to you again.  One day I will see you again but until then I will stay here kicking butt and taking names like you excepted me to.  I may get weary but don’t you worry I will not give up!  I love you so much and miss you like crazy!

Until next time….

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