CF Awareness Month: Medicine Galore!

With CF comes a lot of medicine and by a lot of medicine I mean drawers, cabinets and storage bins full. Here are a few pictures of my medicine collection.



This it where I keep all my drugs. The top drawer is every day/weekly meds. The middle drawer is all the non maintenance stuff and a hodgepodge of other meds like antibiotics, belly meds, pain meds, nausea meds, etc.. The bottom drawer has specimen cups so I can hock my lung cookie up before going to clinic and give it to them instead of doing it in the office, nebs (nebulizer treatment cups), a stethoscope, PEP valve, Acapella valve and some other things. You have to be organized with your meds or you can lose track easily. I fill my weekly meds in a pill case on Saturday night so they are easy to remember.




IV supply delivery day. It’s like Christmas!  Only someone with a chronic illness can appreciate what it feels like to get all your medical supplies delivered and all organized.



Whenever possible, with my maintenance meds, I use the mail-in pharmacy to get a 90 day supply for a cheaper copay or $0 copay.  Once again it feels like Christmas when you a package even if it is medicine.  With that said, I would like something other than medicine for Christmas please.  I have enough already, as you can see. Every person with CF (or any chronic illness/disease) has their own way of storing and organizing their meds.  This is what works for me.  It helps that I am an organizing freak so things have to be organized for me to function correctly. haha



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