Accessing my port

I have had people ask me how I access my port for IVs and what it entails.  I decided to record myself accessing my port last night.  Sorry it is a bit long because I couldn’t get my gloves on.  They are sterile so I can’t just throw them on.  I have to be careful not to touch the outside of the gloves.

I do use EMLA numbing cream before accessing my port.  I put a glob of the EMLA on top of my port site and cover it with a small tegaderm for at least 30 minutes but closer to 45 minutes.  I cleaned the EMLA cream off right before recording.  I will answer some of the questions that might be going through your mind….

1.  The EMLA cream does help it not not hurt as much when accessing.

2.  I have had this port for 7 years with no problems.

3.  I chose to learn to access my own port because I like the freedom it gives me.  I like being in control of when I’m accessed and deaccessed.

4.  Not all people with CF have a port, nor do all that have a port access their own ports.

If you have any questions, please comment below or send me an email to

Without further ado…


Until next time…

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