The Last 6 Days…

This is what the last 6 days have looked like to me…

Thursday, August 3rd:  My nurse called and said my kidney level (creatinine) was up today when I had my bi-weekly labs drawn. So I’m at the ER getting checked in then getting admitted. The plan is to get me hooked up to fluid to help flush out my kidneys. It’s not as high as it was the last time I was admitted for acute kidney failure which is good that we caught it. The reason my kidney level is high is from the antibiotics that are filtered through my kidneys. Sometimes the kidneys take a hit. I’ll keep you all updated. Continue reading


Well I survived the trip…hahaha.  I had a great time with my family and celebrating my great uncles 90th birthday.  We went to 7 or 8 beaches, I lost count.   Another one of my must haves when in Hawaii is shave ice, we got shaved ice 5 times, yummy!  No it is not a snow cone…it’s completely different.  It is shaved ice from an ice block, not ice pellets.  Anyway that is your Hawaiian lesson for the day…haha. Continue reading

IVs it is

I am set to leave for Hawaii in 12 days.  I have not been feeling the greatest over the last few weeks.  My cough has increased and gotten “juicy/nasty” sounding, plus more productive.  I have been waking up in the middle of the night coughing as well.  I want to be able to enjoy Hawaii and I have 12 days to do something about it.

So I waved the white flag.  I called my nurse to see about IVs or something to get me to as “tip top” shape as possible before I go to Hawaii.  They called me in for lung functions.  My FEV1 was 38%/1.09L which is basically my baseline (meaning my normal). Just because my numbers are stable doesn’t mean that nothing is wrong considering my symptoms.

I’m starting IVs tomorrow morning for a 10 day course to get me something before I leave for Hawaii.  I have labs tomorrow along with Monday and Thursday of next week.  I’m starting IV Avycaz every 8 hours along with IV Colistin every 12 hours.

Here’s to 10 days of IVs doing the trick!  Please pray that they do the trick so I can enjoy my time in Hawaii with my family.

Until next time…


My husband will be retiring from the US Air Force this December after 20 years of active duty service.  It is a scary and exciting thing all wrapped up in one.  The transition to the civilian world is definitely an adventure with the civilian job hunt and things being up in the air, like will we have to move for a job.  In that sense it’s somewhat like military life…haha.   Continue reading

Life update

I had a CF clinic check up yesterday and all is good.  My lung functions are up 3% to 36% from 33%.  They said I sounded good and looked good.  My BMI is great at 24, yes I have some extra weight to help fight off infection.  When I’m sick I can lose weight fast because your body takes the calories you take in to fight off infection.  Not that I feel comfortable with the extra weight but everyone says, “you look so good,” so I’ll take it I guess.  If the extra weight helps me stay “healthy” (whatever that is) I try to deal with it the best I can. Continue reading