A bunch of jumbled thoughts

I hope I can write this and let it make sense because it is all jumbled in my head….  It feels like a game of ping pong with my thoughts in my head.  Hmmmm let me divide it into topics….hahahaha  Continue reading

Pain Clinic follow up

I saw the pain clinic today for a follow up from the last set of injections.  We have run the course of steroid injections (intercostal blocks) so now it is on to plan B.  Plan B consists of trying Gabapentin, generic Neurontin.  The hope is that the Gabapentin will stop the nerve pain where the fractured rib is.  Basically it is the hope that it will make the nerves not know that there is pain in the rib area. Continue reading

Depression; It’s real

I received an article via email titled “Associations between adherence, depressive symptoms and health-related quality of life in young adults with cystic fibrosis.”  The first line of the article is the following, “Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a life shortening disease, however prognosis has improved and the adults with cystic fibrosis live independent lives and balance the demands of work and family life with a significant treatment burden.  They administered 3 standardized questionnaires to 67 CF patients aged 18-30 years; Medication Adherence Scale, Major Depression Inventory and CF Questionnaire.  One third of the participants reported systems of depression. Health-related quality of life scores were especially low on vitality and treatment burden and symptoms of depression were associated with low health-related quality of life.  High depression symptoms scores were associated with low adherence.  All of that mumbo jumbo means that depression and CF go hand in hand.  The higher the rate of depression, the lower rate of adherence of treatments and meds, etc. and vice versa.   Continue reading

3rd times a charm hopefully

/shannonigansToday I had my third set of intercostal blocks in my back for the rib pain.  As you know, I have a broken rib that is taking forever to heal due to the fact that I can’t take a break from breathing, coughing or sneezing to give it time to heal.  The pain is better than when it first began back in February, 5 and a half months ago so for that I’m glad but there is still a little bit to go to be pain free.  Yes, I hope to be pain free.  Yes, I’m asking for a lot. Yes, I’m stubborn. hahaha.  I have a follow up appointment with the pain clinic August 10th to talk about this set injections hoping to be done with the pain clinic.   Continue reading

Pain clinic update

I forgot to update about my pain clinic follow up. Simple appointment really. Scheduled another injection for July 26th and follow up August 10th. It was most likely that the floating nerve didn’t get hit during he block. So we shall try again. Hopefully this  one works and I may not need another one. Fingers crossed prayers said!!!!

SHANNONIGANS GEAR UPDATE:  Lools like all gear has been delivered! Thank so much to everyone who purchased Shannonigan Strong gear.

CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT UPDATE:  As of now we have collected close to $1,000 worth of items to be raffled off with more to come. I am so blessed with the friends and family I have who have worked hard at getting donations for the tournament. 

I want to put out a challenge to all business owners who follow my blog and Go Fund Me to donate to the Lung Fund!  Let see how much we can raise in a week from large donations from bigger businesses. Who will take my challenge??

I am spending some time with my sister, nieces and nephew this week at the lake which is nice. Sister time!!!!!  

CF Clinic/Follow up from the hospital

Today’s clinic visit was a follow up from my last admission.  Ya know, the one where I kept coughing up blood, yeah that one.  The visit was short and “sweet” because I had so many other things I had to get done today so I put them on a deadline of when I needed to be out of there.  hahaha   Continue reading