Team Shannonigans

In 2010 our family started to do the CF Foundations Great Strides walk in Kansas City, MO.  My bonus daughter really wanted to do it so we pressed forward.  She has even involved her schools drama department in the fundraising efforts. Due to military orders we relocated to Tennessee in 2014 which means Team Shannonigans was on an adventure in a new state!  We have made great friends here in TN which have jumped on the Shannonigans bandwagon therefore we have a Team Shannonigans East TN chapter!  The East TN chapter of the CFF does a lot of fundraisers and they have a lot of participants.  There were 2 walks in the Knoxville, TN area, one in May which we missed and 1 in our town in September.  The event in September is a smaller walk with about 7 teams.  We had a CF Field Day and it was fabulous!  Hopefully we can continue this type of event because everyone was so involved and it wasn’t just walking but much much more!

2010 Team Shannonigans

2010 Team Shannonigans (KC, MO)

2011 Team Shannonigans

2011 Team Shannonigans (KC, MO)

2012 Team Shannonigans

2012 Team Shannonigans (KC, MO)

2013 Team Shannonigans

2013 Team Shannonigans (KC, MO)

Team Shannonigans 2014 (Maryville, TN)

2014 Team Shannonigans
(Maryville, TN)

For 2015 we decided to forego the CFF Great Strides walk and do our own fundraiser.  We chose to do a cornhole tournament. We have great friends that supported us in this venture.  Here are some pictures from the day!  Thank you to everyone that participated in the cornhole tournament!

image image image image image

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