Clinic appointment update

Hello all! I’m squeezing in 5 min to type this up on my phone (so excuse any typos…haha). We are on our way to a big CFF fundraiser called Wine on the Water. I am very proud of east Tennessee’s CFF chapter in how many fundraisers they do.
Here is the skinny on my appointment yesterday. My PFTs are still down. My FEV1 was 1.47/49%. A year ago on 10/31/13 they were at 1.77/59%. They are going in the wrong direction. That’s a .3 liter and 10% decrease in a year. My lung functions have stayed down despite 6 or 7 rounds (lost track) of IVs since July 2013. We are trying to figure out why. They drew blood at clinic and will be checking my IgE level which shows if your body is reacting to something in the/your environment. They are checking for other things too but can’t remember what. I have a chest and sinus CT on the 13th to see if there are any new “cystic cavities” or changes in the lungs and to see if there are any polyps in my sinuses. All of which can cause a decrease in lung function. The sinuses and lungs like to share germs because they are made up of basically the same stuff.

Next up was taking about my Glucose Tolerance Test results. I did pass the test, however my 1 hour blood sugar was 216 and my 2 hour blood sugar was 58. The nurse practitioner didn’t like that it was higher and then dropped so much. 60 is normal so when I asked the doc what his thoughts were he said he wasn’t too worried about it. Noted! I’m not ready for CFRD (CF related diabetes) just yet. They might want to repeat the test before it is due again in 2 years. If your pancreas isn’t working right, as mine doesn’t, but throw in diabetes on top a and it can have an effect on your lung functions also.

Next topic was my asthma which may or may not be the culprit to the drop in lung function. I am starting on an inhaled steroid and will continue it until I see them again and do lung functions to see where they are at. I have a follow up appointment in 6 weeks.

Ok, this took me much longer to type than I thought. Haha I hope I covered everything and if I didn’t, I will recap on my next post.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Until next time…

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