1400 miles, car accident & IVs

It was an interesting week to say the least.  Now I will tell you why.  I made a trip to KS because my mom was supposed to have a procedure done for her SVT (racing heart).  I drove 12 hours to KS from TN on Tuesday.  I wasn’t feeling the greatest but I wanted to be there so I went.  I made it there around 6:30pm.  My mom’s nurse called to give her her sputum culture results which was 2 strands of pneumonia at about 7pm.  Her nurse had to notify the cath lab to see if they wanted to proceed.  They started her on oral antibiotics.  The doc called in the morning and postponed the surgery for a week or 2, until she is “clear.”  With that said, it was a good thing they didn’t proceed because she needs time to get better first.  At this point I still don’t feel good.  

I then made plans to surprise my nieces at school so I headed over to my sisters.  I was almost there, at the last stop sign and got into an accident.  I hit a small SUV in the drivers side rear bumper.  I was at the stop sign, looked both ways and went, then I heard a horn and BAM!  They had pulled out of their driveway 2 houses away and I thought they were a parked car.  I tried slamming on the breaks and my foot slipped off the break.  So needless to say it was not a good day.  I took my car to the body shop and they secured my bumper and bent the quarter panel so that my door would open again and I was missing my drivers side headlight.  My car was still drive able so I was able to drive it back to TN to get fixed.

Unfortunately, I never made it to the girls school to surprise them.  I did get to see one of my nieces though.  I woke up Thursday morning at 6:30am feeling worse so I decided to head back home.  I loaded up and got on the road….12 hours back on the road.  If you are counting that is 37 hours that I was in KS before leaving.

My nurse called Thursday to give me my culture results which was heavy growth Pseudomonas and said that she had an order for IVs at the ready.  I told her that I didn’t feel good but was out of town and would call when I got back in town to let her know if I needed to start them.  She also let me know my CT results.  My chest CT showed no significant changes, no mucous plugs or infiltrates just my crappy CF lungs.  My sinus CT showed scaring from previous surgeries.  It didn’t show any polyps which is good but my doctor/NP wants me to see an ENT doc (ear nose and throat).  My last sinus surgery was in 2001, so its been awhile.  I lost count of the number of surgeries I have had but I think it is around 7 or 8.

So now that I have all of that out of the way, which was plenty if I do say so.  I made the call to my nurse on the way home to go ahead and order the IVs.  They were waiting for me when I got home.  I accessed my port after a nice long shower on Thursday after I got home and started the IVs Friday morning.   I am feeling a bit better, not as feverish, today but not close to all the better.  Well, I will never be ALL better but I will feel more human and more functional.  Now I am trying my best to rest and do a ton of vest and breathing treatments.

That is all I have for you right now and that is enough shannonigans if you ask me.

Until next time…

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