Moving on up

Moving (as in packing up your things and moving to another house) when you have CF is not the easiest thing to accomplish.  When you are in the military and get new orders the military relocates you.  They send a moving company to pack all your things and they load it all onto a truck and move it to where you are moving.  Then when you get to the new location then unload the truck and will even unpack the boxes if you would like.  With that said, when you move to a new place during your assignment it is on your own man power.  We rented an apartment when we relocated to Tennessee last July because we didn’t know the area or how the market was here.  After being in the apartment a short while we realized that we needed to move into a house, whether it was renting or buying.  We started the search at the beginning of February and put a contract on a house at the end of February.  We closed on the house on April 1st.  We had to pack ourselves and move it all from the 2nd floor apartment.  Well we could have paid for a moving company but I am cheap and stubborn. haha  We moved things throughout the week and moved all the big stuff on Saturday with the help of my husband’s co-workers.  That meant that “she-woman Shannon” had to show up and get things done.  My husband took off one day to get some things moved and one of my friends helped load things into the truck which was a great help.  I was flying solo the other 2 days.

I had to take a lot of breaks and had to be mindful of my breathing and had to stay on top of breathing treatments.  I’ll just say that moving is great airway clearance.  I had many coughing fits and coughed up lots of junk.  I am so stubborn and have to get things done.  It usually bites me in the butt though.  Luckily we moved over 5 days so it wasn’t shoved into 1 or 2 days and we had help.

I have been taking breaks and sleeping in when I can which has helped.  I am finally not as sore from using muscles that I didn’t even know I had.  I hope and pray that I didn’t run myself down too much and that I am not just running on adrenaline of buying a new house and moving.  So far so good.  I have a CF clinic appointment next week so that will let me see how my lungs are doing after all this fun.  Also my lungs are still adjusting to TN climate.  They (my lungs) aren’t too keen on the allergens that are here therefore my asthma kicks into high gear and the wheezing and tightness begin.

I am beyond blessed with the life I have.  I didn’t think that I would ever be where I am.  With all the ups and downs of life I always try my best to come out on top.  My husband and I were talking the other day about where we are at in life and that we didn’t think that we would be where we are and that we are truly blessed.  Even when CF happens and throws a wrench in things I kick and scream at times because I am very stubborn but I still strive to come out on top and not let CF win.  I think my stubbornness is what keeps me going.

We have moved on up, well back to the subdivision life again.  It is nice to be able to have a coughing attack in my house and not have someone in the next apartment hear me.  I like to cough in private whenever possible…hahaha.  The best was when I would walk the dogs to go potty and would start coughing, people would stare at me if they were outside or on their patio.  Oh well I’m used to it by now but it is annoying that my cough shows up at the most inopportune times.  Such is life with CF.

Until next time…

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