Team Shannonigans shirts and hoodies

I designed a new Shannonigans shirt.  I am in love with the design as well as the shirt color and hoodie style.  I put in my first order of them last week and mailed them out today.  I will be putting another order in in February to give people time to plan ahead and get past all the holidays.  If you are interested in ordering a shirt and/or hoodie for the next sale, please email me at

The color is heather gray.  The hoodie is very lightweight.

The hoodie is very lightweight and has the same design as the t-shirt, front and back.

shannonigans shirts

The color is heather gray. They are Hanes brand.

T-shirt prices are as follows:

Adult S-XL = $15 + $5 shipping

Adult 2XL-3XL = $18 + $5 shipping

Hoodie prices are as follows:

Adult M-XL = $25 + $7 shipping

Adult 2XL-3XL = $28 + $7 shipping

If you are ordering more than one item add $4 to shipping cost.


Just let me know if you are interested!  Thanks for all of your support!

Until next time…

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