Light at the end of the tunnel

I have survived the worst of the cold or whatever it was that was trying to kill me last week.  At one point I thought for sure my sinuses were trying to kill me.  I had horrible sinus pain/pressure.  Tons of drainage.  Sore and sensitive teeth from all the sinus pressure.  Terribly dry throat.  Coughing of course.  My teeth don’t hurt now and the sinus pressure is better.  The pressure is still there a little but not like it was.  Still coughing and that has probably increased a little because of the drainage.  Still having headaches every day.

I did not go for lung functions (PFTs) on Tuesday like originally scheduled because I knew they would suck since I was sick.  I have my ENT appointment on the 10th so we shall see what he says about my sinuses.

We got snow and ice in Tennessee in the last few weeks and it is more snow than they are used to.  That means that the city/state shut down.  State of emergency kind of shut down.  They don’t do snow and ice here in east TN.  Pretty much all of the snow has melted but of course there is more in the forecast for Thursday.  It doesn’t usually stick around for long.  I am very ready for spring and summer!

Until next time…

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