Welp, made it 6 weeks…

Hello all!

I have not been feeling the greatest for the last week or so.  I gave my body until the weekend to snap back into shape.  Well, you guessed it my body didn’t get the memo.  I called my nurse to tell her that I’m not feeling good and that I thought it was time for some IVs.  I will be going to the clinic tomorrow for lung functions to get a baseline before starting IVs.  I will also be getting labs to see where they are before I start IVs.  I will start IV Cefapime and oral cipro tomorrow.  I will do labs twice a week as per the usual.  We are starting with 14 days for now since I already have an appointment scheduled for the 16th.  I will do lung functions again at that appointment with the hopes that they are improved after the 2 weeks of antibiotics.  I usually do 21 days of antibiotics but the doctor wants to make sure there is improvement after 14 days.  

I have a busy summer planned so I need to kick this yuck in the butt now!  I have a very important sisters weekend getaway planned at the beginning of May so I HAVE to be ready for the beach, no ifs ands or buts about it!  I have other great plans for the summer including our 5 year anniversary, hosting a cornhole (bean bag toss game) tournament fundraiser for the CF Foundation, a road trip to see one of my best friends for her daughters, who I claim as a niece,  2nd birthday.  Throw in a high school reunion in there and that is our summer.  Oh and I hope to be on the water and in the sunshine as much as possible as usual!  Being on the lake and in the sunshine makes me so happy.  With all that said I have to kick this yuck in the butt and keep it at bay for the summer.  My body needs to listen and do what it’s supposed to do.

Side note about my sinuses:  The antibiotic irrigation seems to be doing its job, no more green gunk.  I see the ENT doc on the 11th so hopefully he says all is better in there.

I’ll update later when I have more info.

Until next time…

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