College Scholarship for people with CF

I received the following email asking for me to post it on my blog so that the info could get out to as many CFers as possible:
For college students living with cystic fibrosis (CF), campus life can come with its own unique set of challenges. Scheduling treatments around classes and getting the right nutrition from the dining hall can be difficult, but the financial hardship could be less of one.
AbbVie recently announced that undergraduate and graduate students living with CF can begin to take a step toward alleviating the financial burden of attending college by applying for the 2015 AbbVie CF Scholarship. For nearly 25 years, AbbVie’s scholarship program has supported the CF community by providing financial assistance to exceptional undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing their dreams of higher education. 

As in previous years, 40 students will be awarded $2,500 each based on their outstanding academic record, extracurricular activities, and creativity. The 40 recipients will also have an opportunity to compete for public votes to qualify for the title of Thriving Undergraduate or Graduate Student and will receive a total scholarship of $23,000 (the original $2,500 scholarship plus an additional $20,500).
Applications will be accepted until May 27, 2015 and are available online now at: more information, visit  to view creative submissions of past winners and learn more about the application criteria, contest rules and upcoming deadlines surrounding the application process.
If you could share this information with your readers in the CF community, we would greatly appreciate it. Every student living with CF deserves a chance to realize their potential regardless of financial circumstances. Please find the press release below and feel free to contact me at (212) 593-6483 or for additional information.
AbbVie CF Scholarship Application for Students with Cystic Fibrosis Now Available for 2015-2016 Academic School Year.
Scholarship recognizes 40 exceptional students with cystic fibrosis (CF) for academic excellence, creativity and community service
·         Top 40 students compete for public votes to win two Thriving Student Scholarships for a total educational scholarship of $23,000 in honor of 23rd year
NORTH CHICAGO, Ill., April 1, 2015 – AbbVie today announced that the 2015 AbbVie CF Scholarship, which honors and supports young adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) as they pursue higher education, is now open to undergraduate and graduate students. Students can apply for the scholarship from now until May 27, 2015, 10 a.m. Central time by visiting
For the 23rd year, the AbbVie CF Scholarship will recognize exceptional students with CF who demonstrate academic excellence, community involvement, creativity and the ability to serve as a positive role model for the CF community. Forty scholars will be selected to receive $2,500 each for use during the 2015-2016 school year.  Recipients will also have the opportunity to compete for public votes to win two Thriving Student Scholarships (based on level of study) for a total award of $23,000.
“Each student who is awarded an AbbVie CF Scholarship serves as an exceptional role model of how academic excellence and community leadership can be achieved while managing a chronic disease,” said Jim Hynd, vice president, Endocrinology, Metabolic, and GI Care, AbbVie. “AbbVie has rewarded the outstanding efforts of these students for the past 23 years, and we are proud to continue our investment in the futures of those living with CF.”
The AbbVie CF Scholarship is part of AbbVie’s ongoing commitment to the CF community, which is comprised of approximately 30,000 children and adults in the United States. Today, more than 45 percent of people living with CF are aged 18 or older.
About the AbbVie CF Scholarship
The AbbVie CF Scholarship was established 23 years ago in recognition of the financial burdens many families touched by CF face and to acknowledge the achievements of students with CF.  Since its inception, the scholarship program has awarded more than $2.5 million in scholarships.
It is not necessary for scholarship applicants to have taken, currently take, or intend to take in the future, any medicine or product marketed by AbbVie, and this is not a consideration in the selection criteria. More information about the AbbVie CF Scholarship criteria and application can be found at
About AbbVie
AbbVie is a global, research-based biopharmaceutical company formed in 2013 following separation from Abbott Laboratories. The company’s mission is to use its expertise, dedicated people and unique approach to innovation to develop and market advanced therapies that address some of the world’s most complex and serious diseases. AbbVie employs more than 26,000 people worldwide and markets medicines in more than 170 countries. For further information on the company and its people, portfolio and commitments, please visit  Follow @abbvie on Twitter or view careers on our Facebook or LinkedIn page.

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