ONLY 3 days left to order Shannonigans Gear!

Hello all!

I just wanted to give a reminder about the Shannonigans Gear sale coming to an end this Sunday, the 17th!  We still need more sales to be able to make a big donation to the CFF.  Don’t wait!!!  Ok, I guess you can wait until payday/Friday if you need too.  hahaha  I don’t know when there will be another sale because we have to have enough interest to make the sale worth doing. There are 6 different items to choose from…including youth sizes!

-short sleeved shirt

-long sleeved shirt

-regular sweatshirt

-pull over hoodie

-sipper hoodie

-baseball jersey (white t-shirt with 3/4 purple sleeve)

Thank you to everyone that has already ordered!  Your support means the world to my family!  This is CF awareness month.  What better what to show your support and spread awareness than to wear it on the best billboard there is…your body!!

Shannonigans Gear

Shannonigans Gear

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