Well hello, “Oscar,” we meet again

I overcame the lung pain and it finally dulled by Sunday to where it only really hurt if I was taking a deep deep breath.  My morning have been pretty bad.  Mornings in general are my worst time of the day as far as coughing and sputum production go.  Sitting up after laying flat during the night stirs up all of the junk that has settled and the coughing starts.  I have always said that mornings are NOT my friend.  If I had a way to skip them I would.  It hurts my lungs/chest and head along with making me out of breath.  I have to catch my breath and try not to cough so I can walk to the office to do a breathing treatment without running into walls or even peeing myself when trying to walk and cough at the same time.  Yep, that’s the real stuff right there.

I sent my nurse a text asking what my last sputum culture showed and what antibiotic sensitivities there was.  She responded with heavy Pseudomonas and a lists of 5 antibiotics that would/should work.  I responded by saying that I wasn’t feeling great till and that I would give it the weekend and let them know on Monday how I am feeling.  I forgot that Monday is a holiday.  I then talked my husband about how I was feeling.  Yes, I asked him how I was feeling.  haha  He sees and hears everything.  I don’t pay attention because I am the one who is doing the coughing, etc.  When I first got home from my trip to Florida the allergens hit me like a brick wall and made me very short of breath, have a tight chest and made me wheezy.  My cough at that time was much different  It was more of a dry non productive cough from the allergens irritating my lungs/bronchials.  My cough began to change in the last week to my CF cough and very productive.  I have been bringing up lots of nasty Pseudomonas stuff.

I texted my nurse back to tell her to talk to the docs to see what they would suggest.  She called me tonight after clinic was over and said that my doc said we would do Amikacin and Aztreonam.  Funny thing is those are the ones that I was thinking I should do.  I was going to suggest them but it was good that they chose them.  haha  I have learned over the years what has worked and what hasn’t.

I have to get labs drawn in the morning to get a baseline on kidney levels after the last little kidney fiasco before starting the antibiotics.  I will have frequent labs drawn while on them to keep an eye on things.  I will receive the antibiotics tomorrow at some point so I won’t get started until the evening or might not start until Saturday morning depending on when I receive them.  I told them this is the ideal time, well kind of, because I am going to visit a friend just outside of Chicago for her daughters 2nd birthday in the middle of June.  This way I will be done with them before then.  It however is NOT the best timing in the sense that our anniversary weekend is coming up and we have plans.  Oh well, I will do what I always do and take “Oscar” the IV ball with me wherever I go.

Until next time…

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