Hiking Shannonigans

I have what I like to call my “bucket list.” It’s a list of things that I want to accomplish before my lungs get worse and don’t allow me to do them anymore. I don’t have a written out list so much but it’s in my head. I guess I should get it out of there. One of the top things I have wanted to do since moving to East Tennessee is hiking. Let’s just say that I don’t mean the repelling off the side of a mountain kind of hiking. That would just be stupid. Haha 

My husband and I chose a hiking trail in the moderate range of difficulty and now that I know what that means, NEVER again. We are only about 30 – 40 minutes from Cade’s Cove in the Smokey Mountains. We chose Abrams Falls Trail that is located in the Cades Cove. It was a total of 5 miles, 2.5 miles to the water fall and 2.5 miles back. There were a lot of incline hiking. We started at water level and went up maybe 625 feet and then back down. It was beautiful, breath taking and peaceful. Being around water makes me very happy. I don’t know if it is my sign of Aquarius being the water sign or what but I LOVE being around water.

The hike was very challenging for me. I kept pushing myself and my husband was behind me telling me how proud of me he was and how good I was doing. The hike back from the water fall was much harder. It seemed like the inclines doubled and were higher! I had to stop a lot to catch my breath and cough. There was a lot of heavy breathing and gasping for air. I kept going and tried to push through that but couldn’t. I am just proud of myself that I pushed myself to do it and finish. I am very thankful for my husband to keep me going and telling me how proud he was. He kept telling me that we weren’t in a race and that I could take my time. I was determined. He had me go in front so that I could set the pace because of my crappy lungs and short little legs. I’m 5′ 2″ and he is 6′ 1″ so I’m used to keeping up with him and he is used to going slow because of me. Hahaha

On the way back I stopped a lot and every time I would say “oh my goodness, will it ever end!” Once we were finally done I told my husband to make me a double (breathing treatment) while I went to the bathroom. I survived and have no plans of ever doing that particular trail ever again.

A few of the other things that are on that bucket list are a tandem skydive, hot air balloon ride, paddle boarding, white water rafting, jet pack flyboarding, swim with dolphins, water skiing (I already know how but haven’t have done it in a long time…so I want to do it again), Disney World, Schlitterbahn (have been but want to go to the original one in TX), a cruise, swim in a watering hole that has a waterfall and of course sit on as many beaches as possible! I know there is more but that’s all I can think of right now.

Unfortunately with CF being progressive an having no cure, my lungs will continue to decline. We as a family have learned to embrace every moment we have together and to accept the challenges as they come. We enjoy adventures. When we first moved to Tennessee there were times we got lost and my husband would say, “it’s an adventure!” We would laugh. I am blessed to have a great husband who loves and supports me and keeps me going.

Until next time…

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