Another round of IVs down

57 doses of Aztreonam, 19 doses of Amikacin, 133 Saline syringes (not including the extras for blood draws and reaccessing), 57 Heparin syringes, 2 Huber needles, 3 dressing changes…that’s what I have accomplished over the last 19 days plus tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow morning is my last doses of IVs and tomorrow afternoon is my last day of labs.  I will be needle free as of 1:15pm tomorrow afternoon!!  I’m very ready to be free from the needle and dressings that’s for sure.

Now for the million dollar question, “Do I feel better?”  A lot of people think that after I do IVs I’m “better” as in not sick anymore and that is not the case.  Yes, I am better for the time being and the goal is to stretch the time between IVs as long as possible.  IVs are inevitable in my life so I have to do what I have to do to keep on keeping on.  

The goal with IVs is to knock down the bugs in my lungs so that my symptoms (increased coughing, change in sputum, fatigue, fevers, aches, headaches, etc) aren’t as prevalent and interrupting my day.    With all of that said, I do feel better.  I’m still coughing but it is less frequent which is good.  My sputum is better in general but it changes throughout the day.  My body is still sore/achy and I’m still getting headaches which both are most likely from the antibiotics.  I hope both of those resolve when I’m done with the IVs.  Overall I am better than I was the day I started IVs so that is great!  The seasons changing always messes with my body so these IVs came right at the transition from summer to fall, big surprise there.

I’m ready to have uninterrupted sleep with no alarms going off for IVs.  I am also ready for some much-needed family time at the beach coming up.  As you know the beach is my happy place and I think the salty air and sand is just what the doctor ordered.  I’m already missing summer.  I feel like I didn’t get all of my summer.

I have a CF clinic appointment October 22nd that was scheduled as a 3 month follow-up.  Hopefully my lung functions are holding steady.  I will continue to do all of the things I’m supposed to.  Here’s to staying “healthy!”  Oh yeah, I have also been doing PT for my shoulder that was diagnosed with bursitis.  It hurts a lot but PT really is helping.  Hoping to be pain free eventually.

Until next time…

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