Day 13…lonely

Today is day 13 in lock up. I slept a lot of today since I sleep in spurts as it is at night. I had the parade of  doctors as usual this morning. 2 pulmonary docs and an infectious disease doc. 

They are talking about the hopes of getting me home by the end of the week if all goes well and my body plays by the rules. Now let me tell you what that involves. First up is the fact that I will be at day 14 tomorrow on the IV Colistin. Dosing can be anywhere from 14 to 21 days. They usually lean towards 14 days in general but my body responds better to 21 days. If I do 14 days of any antibiotic I usually end up right back where I started within a few weeks. We are trying to avoid that considering I was already on 5.5 weeks of IVs before this whole fiasco. With that said I am fighting for 21 days total so another 7 days of Colistin. I should be able to complete those last 6-7 days at home. My labs have been good while I’ve been in here so theoretically I can go home and do the Colistin IV and continue frequent lab trips to the hospital. I would be continuing the IV Zosyn as well.

Now as for the asthma aspect of things. My lungs are not as tight and wheezy as they were which is good. I’m still needing supplemental oxygen to help with my sats. We did move down on the liters today, down to 1.5 liters. My sats are still dropping with coughing fits and lots of moving around. I’m hanging out around 96% on my O2 sats with 1.5 liters and sitting in bed typing this at the moment. There is a chance I will need to go home with some supplemental oxygen for a little while to get me over the hump. I have managed all day without pain medication but I’m caving tonight. My chest is pretty sore from coughing. I’m trying to get the pain med on board before my treatment and even more coughing begins.

On an emotional note…I’m really missing my mom tonight. Today/tonight have been more lonely than the others. I’m missing my husband and being home. I’m missing my husbands home cooked food even though my appetite sucks and nothing sounds good. I’m missing my boys (aka the furry kids) and cuddling with them. I’m missing the craziness of having a teenager in the house. Ya know the “can I go here?”, “can you take me here?”, ” I missed the bus, can you take me/pick me up?” Haha. Basically I’m missing LIFE in general. My patience is wearing thin. That usually means I’m starting to feel better when I’m locked up. If I’m at home and my patience wears thin it usually means I’m sick. Haha It’s a fine line.

Until next time…

One thought on “Day 13…lonely

  1. Oh Honey, youve been in so long this run. I watch youtube vids on my iphone like the shepherds chapel and the king james bible audio online.
    Its a perfect time focused study!!!
    I will be thinking about you and hope youre on the road to recovery!!!

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