Impromptu CF clinic appointment

I haven’t been feeling the greatest for over a week.  I’ve had an increased cough along with increased sputum (what I cough out in case you don’t know what that is).  I have been having trouble sleeping.  I also have been more worn out and more short of breath and needing to use my oxygen more often.  I called my CF nurse to ask for IVs and I got an appointment with the doctor instead.  

My lung functions are still holding steady at 1.05 L / 36% which is good.  My weight is up which is good for my health but not always good on the self esteem and the jean size.  We decided to do IV Zerbaxa every 8 hours via IV drip (the hanging bag) and oral Levaquin.  We are starting with 14 days we will then determine if I will need a third week of IVs based on how I feel.  I’m happy I am not in “lock up” and am able to do IVs at home with my family.

On my way out of the hospital I stopped by the Pain Management office to inquire about the referral to them for my occipital nerve block.  I scheduled the block for Monday the 27th, that was their first available.  They do it in the office and not in day surgery like I thought considering that’s where my other nerve blocks were done for my back.  It is a different kind of block I guess.  I’m still not looking forward to having a needle stuck in my neck no matter where it is done.

Until next time…

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