Beach me

I just got back from a girls trip to the beach.  The beach was great as always.  The beach is my happy place.  I could sit on the beach for hours on end, it is so relaxing.  The salt water air is good for my lungs and it all together does wonders for my mood.  If we lived closer to the beach I would be there often.

I also finished IVs recently.  I’m sure I needed 3 weeks since I actually started feeling better with the 2 weeks but I wasn’t going to hinder my beach trip.  It was important to me and accomplishing it was at the top of my list.  I did well while I was there and didn’t really get homesick like usual and felt pretty good.  Maybe because I was at my happy place.

Before I left my psych changed my meds again.  I was good the whole time I was gone but started to feel my usual blah depressed feeling upon returning home.  I made the phone call to my psych doc to ask to be put back on the abilify and to stay on the gabapentin as well.  She said yes.  I hope this helps.  I slept all day on Monday recovering from the trip.  I have to pay to play, thanks to CF.  I’m still feeling worn down,  I hope to be rejuvenated soon.  One step at a time.  Always waiting for the next foot to drop when it comes to CF and my health.  You just never know what is to come.

I hope to be back out of this blah feeling because it sucks big time.  No motivation, no desire.  Depression sucks and I’m tired of it.  I hope we can find the right combo of meds to help me.  Thanks for listening to my ramble.  I have so much on my mind but don’t even know where to start to blog about it all.  I shall hash it out soon and make more posts.

Until next time…

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