IVs it is

I am set to leave for Hawaii in 12 days.  I have not been feeling the greatest over the last few weeks.  My cough has increased and gotten “juicy/nasty” sounding, plus more productive.  I have been waking up in the middle of the night coughing as well.  I want to be able to enjoy Hawaii and I have 12 days to do something about it.

So I waved the white flag.  I called my nurse to see about IVs or something to get me to as “tip top” shape as possible before I go to Hawaii.  They called me in for lung functions.  My FEV1 was 38%/1.09L which is basically my baseline (meaning my normal). Just because my numbers are stable doesn’t mean that nothing is wrong considering my symptoms.

I’m starting IVs tomorrow morning for a 10 day course to get me something before I leave for Hawaii.  I have labs tomorrow along with Monday and Thursday of next week.  I’m starting IV Avycaz every 8 hours along with IV Colistin every 12 hours.

Here’s to 10 days of IVs doing the trick!  Please pray that they do the trick so I can enjoy my time in Hawaii with my family.

Until next time…

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