Life update

I saw my surgeon for my follow-up from gallbladder surgery and everything is good.  All healed up!  Not having the pain from having a bad gallbladder is great!  I’ve known it needed to come out for a while now, I just needed it to finally act up.  I told the surgeon the only thing left to take out is my appendix and these crappy lungs…hahaha.

I am having body image issues.  I have put on weight due to a medicine, no it’s not a weight gainer.  I’m so used to being the skinny girl who had trouble putting weight on but now it’s on and it doesn’t seem to be budging.  This does not help my depression, that’s for sure.  I went through my clothes because things are not fitting me.  I put things on and they don’t fit and it was so frustrating.  It ended with 3 trash bags full of clothes to donate.  Don’t worry, I still have clothes left. haha.  I do have some “skinny” clothes saved for when I get sick and lose it, which is inevitable for the future.  When I get sick my body burns even more calories fighting infection and to breathe.

Next topic (haha)  I took a road trip to Kansas City to be with my dad as he was having DBS surgery for his Parkinson’s.  I was able to be with him for a few days which was great.  On my way home I got a speeding ticket.  Ugh, it’s an 11-12 hour drive so of course it put a dent in the good time I was making.  I made it home safe and sound, ticket and all.

Health update:  I have been having good days and bad days as usual.  I’ve been having more shortness of breath (SOB) and needing more oxygen when on the move outside of the house.  I have had a lot of “blah” mood days lately, not sure why except for when I’m having harder breathing days my mood isn’t the greatest, which is a given.  Who knows, I could be getting sick, it happens almost every October with the weather change.  My body does not like the 50’s at night and 70’s/80’s during the day.  We shall see.  I figured it had been awhile since I updated so I would give you an over all update.  Sorry if it’s not what you expected.  hahaha

Until next time…

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