My husband and I had a conversation about being a caretaker and what it takes.  It is not for the weak.  There was a time right after my mom passed away where my health tanked (big surprise).  All the focus was on me and my health and mental health.  Trust me I would rather it wasn’t.  

Caretakers are focusing on the sick person and the sick person is very thankful for that but what about the caretaker and their needs.  They need a break from care taking at times and shouldn’t feel guilty about it.  I know with my husband, I appreciate all he does for me but I know he needs a break to hang with friends and recharge his battery at times.  I am an introvert and he’s an extrovert so we have to compromise, which we do well.

It is hard being the sick person and needing help.  You want nothing more than to do everything yourself and to need no one.  I have had to realize the sicker I get I have to lean on him to help with things.  I am finally back to doing some of the household chores, slowly.  I used to be a clean freak but my lungs and energy level don’t allow me to be much anymore.  I have good days and bad days.  I try to do things on the good days that will allow me to rest on the bad days.  I can’t push myself through as much as I used to.

Back to the point of this post.  Be thankful and appreciative of your caretakers.  Allow them to have time to recharge so they can be all they need to be for you.

Caretakers, don’t let the roll of caretaker ruin your character.  Don’t get resentful of caring for your loved one.  Do whatever it is that you need to do to recharge and be a better person for your loved one.  When you find yourself being weak talk to your loved one.  Trust me, we don’t like all the attention.  You may say, “what about me?”  Well you deserve time to you as well.  Whether that is an hour a day, some time weekly or monthly or whatever works, take care of you too.

We know it is hard being the caretaker.  Just as it is hard being taken care of.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Caretakers

  1. I can tell you in complete honesty, I never resented one second taking care of Megan. It was my honor and I couldn’t have been more proud. You have to deal with the fear and also be physically weak. I can’t imagine that. Yes, it’s very frightening to know that you could lose the person you love most in the world. But there is nothing greater than bringing some joy, peace and love to the person you love most.

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