Movie with CF

The above movie is coming out in March. It is about two people with CF who fall in love. The meaning behind the name of the movie is a play on what the recommendation is from the CF Foundation about staying 6 feet apart if two CF patients are together.

There is a big debate in the CF community about whether or not this movie is a good thing. There are some who are very upset about the movie because even the title is “off,” meaning it’s supposed to be 6 feet and not 5. Others are fine with any awareness CF can get. I am on the side of any awareness is good. It’s an opportunity to teach people about CF. CF will be in their minds because of the film and will make them ask questions. I know for myself questions mean they want to learn about it. I am all for it! I personally have friends with CF and we get together. That is not for everyone so I guess I choose to live my life on the edge. Haha. Even my doctor said you have to choose your battles and use common sense, don’t hang out if you are sick. I personally choose to be friends and hang out at times. I do have my limits. I will not hang out with someone that has b. cepacia bacteria. That one is difficult to treat and is more debilitating. I am by no means telling people to hang out or to disobey doctors orders but this is just my choice. When I am inpatient I have to wear a mask when outside of my hospital room to protect myself and others from my germs. I also have to wear a mask when at CF clinic because there are other CF patients there. I do those things because “it’s the rules.”

For those that don’t know why the 6 foot rule is out there, it’s because the CFF wants to cut down on cross contamination between CFers. CF patients can give bacteria to each other through coughing around one another. I grew up going to CF camp and being around my friends with CF until they stopped having camp due to b. cepacia.

Another point brought up was someone with CF being called a CFer. The point brought up was that it has a negative connotation. I personally call myself a CFer. It is not all of who I am by any means but I do have CF just like someone with diabetes is a diabetic.

With all that said, I am excited about the movie due to the awareness it will bring even if they don’t get it right. I am told there was a CFer on set to help to get it right. No matter what I am happy to educate people about CF and this movie just might do that.

Until next time…

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