Cough cough cough

Well first of all my side pain is gone! It could have been GI (intestines) related because I did a “clean out” just in case and it seemed to help the pain. It didn’t take it away but it was less. What’s a “clean out” and why did I do it? A “clean out” is when I drink lots of miralax to get the poo moving in case there was a blockage starting. If a blockage gets bad enough it can require surgery. No thank you! So all is well in that area now, thankfully.

Over the weekend I started coughing a lot (much more than my normal) and my chest was very tight and wheezy. My cough is not very productive at all which is very annoying. That means I cough and I’m not bringing anything or much up with it. It just gives me a headache and makes my chest and throat hurt. I started prednisone that I had on standby in hopes that it would help. So far it hasn’t helped. I’m needing oxygen today because my oxygen sats are a little low and I hoping the extra oxygen will help in general. I have been chilling in bed hooked up to oxygen today. No miracles have happened yet…haha.

Until next time…

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