Pre Transplant Appointments

Busy day today with all these appointments. First up was the 6 minute walk. My sats (oxygen) ran between 90-93 the whole time which means I didn’t need oxygen. That doesn’t mean I don’t need oxygen ever again. It means I had a decent day.

Next stop was an ultrasound of my liver which showed some nodules which is common with CF. They will do another ultrasound in a year to keep an eye on it. Next up was labs and X-ray. Quick in and out with that one. We were able to go back to the room and nap since my next appointment wasn’t until 1:45pm.

First appointment of the afternoon was lung functions. It’s not just simple spirometry. It’s the whole shebang, “gas chamber” and all. Haha. My FEV1 was 37% and then 35% post breathing treatment. The RT had to draw a blood gas which is a needle in your wrist. It took her 2 sticks. Ouch!!

Final stop was the doctor. He said that since I’m holding steady since my lung functions are pretty much the same as a year ago, I get to come back in a year instead of 6 months. As long as I don’t have a decline where I don’t “bounce back” I get to wait a year. If I decline I will have to be seen sooner.

That means we more time to fundraise! Haha. Don’t forget about the new fundraising link at Thank you for all of your support!

Until next time…

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