CF clinic check up

I had an appointment today to check up on how I’m feeling since doing IVs and being on Trikafta for 3 months. My lung functions are back to my baseline. My FEV1 is 36%\1.02L. Before IVs it was down to 33%. I’m feeling better thankfully.

Now to what I’ve been asked about often, the coronavirus. We talked about it in my visit. They said to stay home as much as possible. Steer clear of over crowded places and of course hand washing and sanitize a lot. Use common sense. I was already aware this because of having CF and having to pay attention to hand washing hygiene, cover your cough, don’t go out if you are sick, avoid sick people. Yada yada yada.

With that said I will continue to live my life but will use common sense.

Until next time…

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