CF Clinic Check Up

TodayI had my 3 month check up. I’m seen every 3 months when I’m feeling decent. I was last seen in January after my stay in the hospital. My lung functions are holding steady. My FEV1 was 35%/.94 L. My baseline is between 30%-38%. My weight was down a few more pounds which I’m happy about. I’m not doing anything to try to lose weight but with the amount of weight I put on from Trikafta, losing a few pounds is a good thing. Don’t be worried about that part. It’s A OK! My lungs sounded decent. All other aspects (dietary, pharmacy, PT) of my appointment were good. I’m up to date on all screening tests as well like abdominal ultrasound, bone density, labs, glucose tolerance, chest X-ray. I go back in 3 months for another regular check up. There’s nothing much to update on which I’m perfectly fine with. I’ll definitely take the normal CF crap over sick CF crap. I hope you all are ready for spring. I know I’m very ready for warm sunshiny weather all the time. Although I am in east Tennessee so we don’t get bad winters and we don’t get very cold. We have had some beautiful days in the last few weeks.

Until next time…

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