Black Friday Craziness

The definition of craziness is “Affected with madness; insane.” That is exactly how I feel about Black Friday! There is no deal worth the craziness of Black Friday. I am a penny pincher and love a good deal but, (big ol BUT) I have my limits and risking life and limb is my limit. There are people who have been robbed as soon as they walk out of the store for their items along with stampedes for items…no thank you! I will, and do, pay for convenience of getting what I want and need without the stress of shopping.

I am happy to say that we are done with our Christmas shopping. Since we are now in Tennessee and our family is in Kansas/Missouri it means a lot of gift cards because they send easy in the mail. Therefore shopping was rather easy this year and I can’t say that I am complaining. I am not a girls girl when it comes to the love of shopping. I could shop all day for things for the house and at thrift stores though.

With all that said, I hope you all who were crazy enough to venture out in the Black Friday madness survived and got the deals you went for.

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