Holidays here we come!

We are gearing up for a busy family filled few weeks over the holidays.  Family is visiting us in Tennessee for Christmas and New Years this year which means we don’t have to do the 11-12 hour drive back to KC.  We have done that drive quite a bit so it is nice to have a break from it this holiday season.  We are also excited to show them some of East Tennessee as well.

I am 5 weeks out from finishing IVs and feeling pretty “good” generally speaking.  The last gap between IVs was only 29 days so I am doing better in that sense.  I say all of that with a grain of salt in a sense because it can change over night but I will enjoy it while it lasts.  I have been doing the Tudorza (inhaler in powder form) and tolerating it pretty well.  The TOBI podhaler was finally approved and will be delivered on Tuesday.  I may wait until January 1st to start it so that it is easier to keep track of the 28 days on and 28 days off.  By waiting until the 1st to start the TOBI podhaler, it will keep me from dealing with a potential side effect/adverse reaction over the holidays.

Both my husband and my bonus son had a lovely chest/sinus cold that hit them hard last week.  I have managed to avoid it thus far.  I put a fresh layer of Lysol on just about everything in the house and even the car every few days in hopes to keep it away from me.  I can not afford to get sick right now before family gets here.  Not that I like to be sick ever but I especially hate it when I have things planned.

I have a CF clinic appointment on January 22nd for a follow up on the new inhaler Tudorza and the TOBI podhaler.  I’m curious to see how my lung functions are after being on them.  I’m fine if they just don’t go down at this point.  If they were to have gone up that would be even better but I take what I can get.

That is the latest in my world besides being very busy with Christmas shopping, preparing for the family to get here and being a taxi for a teenager as usual.  I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Years!  I will update after my clinic appointment unless something fabulous happens before then…hahaha.

Until next time…

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